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about the podcast

Learn more about the podcast, including where to find us on socials, how you can listen, and how to get in contact with us.

meet the hosts

Get to know our two main hosts, Luke and Joe, as well as our cohost, K.

meet the team

Check out the team of artists and contributors that keeps us moving and motivated here on the podcast.

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See some of our good pals, other associations, and people we recommend you take a look at.

about the podcast

Hey Homies! is a podcast that goes track-by-track through the Aquabats music catalog, discussing the song of the episode and whatever fits between! The show is hosted by Luke and Joe with cohost K, featuring a lineup of amazing guests including fans of the band and even some of the Aquabats themselves!

New episodes premiere every Thursday. You can listen to us on any major audio streaming platform, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Podbean, and more! Just search for "Hey Homies" and look for our show art. You can also find the video versions of every episode on YouTube, along with exclusive content like live shows and extra footage! Episodes go up on YouTube every Tuesday.

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Email - [email protected]
Hey Homies! Hotline - 605-939-0232

meet the hosts

Luke (he/him) — hosts and edits Hey Homies!, drummer for ska band Los Ocupados. Ska aficionado and unofficial "Aquabats Discord Dad".

Joe (he/him) — hosts Hey Homies!, prop replica artist. Loves 90s pop culture and collecting toys from franchises like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers, along with Aquabats gear.

K (they/he) — cohosts Hey Homies!, manages the podcast's YouTube page, illustrates YouTube thumbnails. Artist and student with a sweet tooth and a mild caffeine addiction.

meet the team

Tori (she/her) — designs and illustrates promotional material and YouTube thumbnails, creator of Hey Homies! Season 2 cover artwork. Cartoonist & Arizona tea enthusiast, loves cheesy ‘80s movies, prog rock, and comics.

Ellen/"Bean" (she/her) — designs and illustrates promotional material and YouTube thumbnails, the 'official' podcast laugh track. Graphic design student who's constantly doodling, and a huge fan of everything ska.

Ale (she/they) — designs and illustrates promotional material and YouTube thumbnails. Artist and graphic designer who loves cats and architecture, and is a big Garfield fan.

other friends

LOS OCUPADOS - ska band from Washington (Luke's band!)

EICHLERS - hyperska artist from California

SKA PUNK INTERNATIONAL - podcast and record label featuring ska punk bands from around the world

SKA PARADE - radio show from California highlighting ska bands both new and old, airs every Sunday (8pm PST) and Wednesday (2pm PST)

THE AQUABATS! DISCORD - Fan-run Discord server dedicated to the greatest band in the universe, The Aquabats!